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  • The Remediation of Brownfields into Community Spaces When a town is planning the construction of a new library building, they do not typically have to contend with the possibility that […]

  • Jose Flores wrote a new post 8 months ago

    The Silent Minority An unprecedented crisis is going to impact New Jersey’s healthcare infrastructure in unforeseen ways, which concerns health experts such a […]

  • Jose Flores wrote a new post 8 months ago

    Much Needed Self-Reflection Urban Heat Islands are disproportionately impacting urban communities and creating drastic health consequences. The heat exerted from […]

  • Lilly Ward wrote a new post 9 months, 1 week ago

  • The environmental risk factors that can increase the chance of an asthmatic person experiencing an asthma attack are varied and abundant in Trenton and other urban areas. Because of the range of potential asthma […]

  • –Amber Nodes

    The LGBTQ community faces disproportionate harm because of climate change, especially during climate disasters. The harms include less access to medical care, discrimination causing a lack o […]

  • Disaster and the LGBTQ Community –Amber Nodes Due to compounding factors, members of the LGBTQ community are more likely to be seriously affected by c […]

  • Hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents live with asthma, a long-term lung disease that affects breathing. Asthma can have serious health repercussions for those with the condition if they do not receive […]

  • To best represent the events surrounding the New Jersey Global Warming Response Act, I have created a timeline to display the actions that took place to create the final product of the law. The timeline gives an […]

  • For my video story, I interviewed Meghan Coello and Carlo Coello as they dined at Park Nine Diner. This diner is a staple around the community, and is notorious for donating to food pantries throughout Mercer and […]

  • For my audio story, I conducted an interview with an 11th grader who was just starting out on her college acceptance journey. I also interviewed a junior in college, getting ready to fully embrace adulthood. I […]

  • In August 2020, Governor Phil Murphy signed S232/A2212, also known as the New Jersey Environmental Justice Law, which aims to address “Disproportionate environmental and public health impacts of pollution on o […]

  • What is your first thought when you think about Environmental Justice? Is it how the environment affects marginalized or overburdened communities? Is it how the environment is taking multiple hits from production […]

  • How climate change has affected agriculture and increased food insecurity in New Jersey

    Olivia Bowman 

    Final Portfolio, 2022

    JPW: Health and Environmental Writing

    Professor Pearson

    Final […]

  • Abhilasha Meshram has witnessed the widespread and debilitating effects that heat can have on those living in an urban center. As the Communications Team Lead for Sustainable Jersey City (SJC), Meshram has been […]

  • Trenton is a bustling city at the heart of Mercer County, N.J., known for its lively music, fascinating historical landmarks and many locally owned businesses. Despite its uniqueness, Trenton has one thing in […]

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  • For the past 50 years, Lisa Barkley has lived as a resident in a small urban town in Pennsylvania. She’s watched the neighborhood’s barren city landscape transform into a robust agricultural sys […]

  • Trenton is becoming a heat island.

    A heat island is an urban area that tends to have higher temperatures than neighboring areas due to its lack of natural terrain and increased infrastructure. 

    New Jersey […]

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