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  • TCNJ CaLL Prototype April 12, 2024
    Tasnim Oyshi
  • The Silent Minority January 30, 2023
    An unprecedented crisis is going to impact New Jersey’s healthcare infrastructure in unforeseen ways, which concerns health experts such as Dr. Rebecca Jefferson, psychiatrist-turned-librarian. As temperatures soar through climate change and it becomes hotter and drier each year, the risk of heat-related hospitalizations for those with serious mental illness and developmental disorders increases. These groups […]
    Jose Flores
  • Much Needed Self-Reflection January 30, 2023
    Urban Heat Islands are disproportionately impacting urban communities and creating drastic health consequences. The heat exerted from asphalt, sidewalks, and pavement is causing hospitalizations for heat strokes, dehydration, and most notably – severe burns. This has become a ‘trend’ all over the country and has been more prevalent in urban areas with more asphalt and […]
    Jose Flores
  • TCNJ Heat Island and Air Quality Project January 18, 2023
    These pages document a multidisciplinary collaborative effort to improve information gathering and communications related to urban heat islands.
  • The 2020 New Jersey Global Warming Response Act December 19, 2022
    To best represent the events surrounding the New Jersey Global Warming Response Act, I have created a timeline to display the actions that took place to create the final product of the law. The timeline gives an overview of the effects global warming has had on New Jersey, the enactment of the 2007 New Jersey […]
    Brian Brown
  • The Continued Attempts of Environmental Justice in New Jersey December 18, 2022
    In August 2020, Governor Phil Murphy signed S232/A2212, also known as the New Jersey Environmental Justice Law, which aims to address “Disproportionate environmental and public health impacts of pollution on overburdened communities,” (Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey, 2018). This law aims to make it harder for polluting facilities to receive […]
    Lily Drennan
  • 5 Ways Young Adults Can Get More Involved With Environmental Justice in NJ December 17, 2022
    What is your first thought when you think about Environmental Justice? Is it how the environment affects marginalized or overburdened communities? Is it how the environment is taking multiple hits from production and industry with little repercussions? Or is it simply, “I have no idea what to think!” Well if it’s any one of those, […]
    Lily Drennan
  • How climate change has affected agriculture and increased food insecurity in New Jersey December 16, 2022
    How climate change has affected agriculture and increased food insecurity in New Jersey Olivia Bowman  Final Portfolio, 2022 JPW: Health and Environmental Writing Professor Pearson Final Explanatory Story Climate change is affecting NJ’s fruit production, and hurting farmers in the process The state of New Jersey is nicknamed the ‘Garden State’ for a reason. With […]
    Olivia Bowman
  • Addressing heat-related climate issues: what can Trenton do? December 15, 2022
    Abhilasha Meshram has witnessed the widespread and debilitating effects that heat can have on those living in an urban center. As the Communications Team Lead for Sustainable Jersey City (SJC), Meshram has been involved in the organization’s initiatives to understand the dangers that excessive heat presents to residents of the city. However, despite SJC’s efforts […]
    Tristan Weisenbach
  • Trenton’s urban heat island: what’s causing such extreme heat? December 15, 2022
    Trenton is a bustling city at the heart of Mercer County, N.J., known for its lively music, fascinating historical landmarks and many locally owned businesses. Despite its uniqueness, Trenton has one thing in common with every other major city: heat. Densely populated areas like Trenton are prone to what is known as the urban heat […]
    Tristan Weisenbach

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