What is CaLL?

CaLL, Campus as a Living Lab, is TCNJ's environmental sustainability project. It is a conceptual and institutional framework for using the college campus as a core space for student learning. It is also a set of principles, policies, and practices, oriented toward environmental sustainability and social justice, that facilitate interdisciplinary coordination between faculty, staff, and students. Campus as a Living Lab aims to link classwork and faculty research to campus policies and practices across multiple disciplines.

Students plant at Green Hall on March 20, 2024
As Seen On Campus

Pilot Turf and Landscaping Management

Native Wildflower Meadow

TCNJ Marylin Gray Early Childhood Education Outdoor Classroom

Research potential redisigns of Route 31

How To Engage

Upcoming Events:

- April 17: Native Plants Planting

- April 19: Climate Justice & Social Action Students Pollinator Planting

- April 26: Climate Justice & Social Action Students Organic Landscaping

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