Becoming a Journalist


One thing that is a must when it comes to gaining an advatange and helping myself is to create the best resume out there. Building a resume is going to put me one step ahead of the rest that are trying to get employed. With this porfolio my goal is to create building blocks for me to show an employer why I would be the best canidate for the job. I am a transfee student from Rutges Univeersity and so far being at The College of New Jersey I have tried very hard to make myself be involved in the school and involved in certain areas of the school that will one day look good on a resume and help me gain the skills I need for a future job. What I am doing in cllegee will potentionl set me up to be ready to work one day out of college.


When consulting with John Oliver, who is the libraian at The College of New Jersey he referred me to a number of sites to help me figure out my audeience anaylsis which inlcuded a number of diverse people. The sites that stood out to me the most was:

The demogrpahic I am looking for when becoming a Journalist is a countless amount of diverse people. The list could go onand own. If a person. relates to my writing than they would be apart of my demographic. Right now being in college and being apart of her Campus magazine the peeople that are reading my artciles are mainly women in there late teens and thorughoutthere 20s. When geetting a job oustide of college I want to incorporate myself into the sports broadcasting world. I am not sue yet if I want to be on the film side or wrriting side of the job yet but with this my demographic would be a mix of both men and women deepending on the sport being talked about. Being a journlist means interacting with a diverse group of people.


I will be having a very huge social media presence. I will have pages on every social media page out there inlcuging Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. I believe having this presence is essential to my success and the businesses success. The whole goal of creating social media platforms is to allow my ideal clinetal and audeince to feel connected through inteeraction within these pages. By posting and interacting on these pages I am helpinng clinets know what my business is all about and how serious, dedicated, and passionate I am about my business and where I am working. In order for my business to succeeed it is crucial my social media platforms sore with content. I plan to stay active on these pages and not only post on them but comment and have conversations with people who visit my pages. I will know if I achieved my goals if mybusiness grows and I am very succeessful. Not only with the profit part but with peeople posting reviews and encourgaing people they know to trust and come to my businness.


A good SEO optimization plan will help me keep organzied. Below is the link to my spreadsheet:


This spreadsheet was taught how to make in class and is a greeat way to help my site and my infomration stay very organized. This strategy is cruvcial to building my success because it allows my site to be easy to undeerstand and it makes my thinking of my infomration sem very wll thought out.


The resources I need to complete this project would be the resources that hav ebeen provided to the class throughout the semester so far. We have been introduceed to a countless amount of great sources to help complete the prooject. The source that has been used the most during this is LinkedIn Learning. In this website we have beeen asked togo through and watch and leearn the course Professor Pearson has provided for us. These sites have been the building blocks for this project. I will bee going back to these courses and constantly refreshing myself with the infomration and tools that were given to us. The questions I neeed answered include questions related to what otheer rsteeps can I do to make my site ten times better and what things could I do to incorporate into my site?


Throughout my college and professional career this site will accomadate my gropwth because it will be a reflection of the work I do. This site will constantly be being updated to track my growth in my life. For example, since being at TCNJ I have joined Her Campus magazine and have had. a countless amount of artciles published since the start of the semester. This is a hugefactor that will help me grow as a writer and be improving and advancing my writing skills.By adding this to my site it is showing a future. employer that during my college years I workeed hard and was deedicated to improving my skills as a writer. This will hopefully be a great skill to incorporate into the decision to making me a future employee. In future I envision my site to be a self-hosted site that way I am in charge of updating my own information to make sure it filled with relaible information. The sustainability of my site will be largely related to the section on social media and the platforms I make for myself. We live in a society where eveeryone is constantly browsing on the interent so to be posting two or more times a week will be a tactic I will infuse within my site.


Each week I plan to be active in putting in new infomration on my site. i want to make sure all of the information being given out to the public is 100% relaible and filled with true infomration. The people looking at my site I feel would want to be reading about things I will be accomplishing in both my college and professional life. Even afteer college this site will be a huge attribute to my life and help me gain and experinece many oppurtunities. A huge tactic I plan to instill in myseelf and my site is creating deadlines for when the infomration on my site needs to be updated. All through my college life teachers have always provioded deadlines for assignments and I plan to carry on this tactic to my site. By creating deadlines I am showing future employers I am dedicated to getting the workr down. If I go over the deadlines i am proving that I am a lazy worker which I do not catergorize myself to be.

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