Audio Story Telling – Beauty Industry in Mercer County

Audio Storytelling

James Mercadante
The College of New Jersey

In a constantly evolving industry, beauty has impacted the everyday lives of many women and few men in this country. Growing up in Mercer County her whole life, Kaitlyn Forst, a senior at The College of New Jersey, talks about the resources she has in her area and how beauty/self-care has shaped her life. As she spoke, I noticed the full face of makeup she had on. She had applied foundation, mascara, bronzer, highlight, eyeshadow, and a clear pump lip gloss just for her short shift at work, which persuaded me to believe that she truly had a passion for this subject matter. She also discusses how makeup mentally effects her. It gives her confidence and a sense of self-empowerment. She gives the notion that she is "not putting makeup on for anyone else but herself" and presents a beautiful message that taking care of yourself is a great thing, encouraging all women and men to feel beautiful.

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