A TCNJ Student’s Experience Volunteering at TASK


Thomas Schulze, a junior studying business at The College of New Jersey, talks about his experience while volunteering at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. During his interview, it’s made clear how impactful this experience was on him as a student, and as a person. TCNJ has every student complete a requirement called “Community Engaged Learning”, usually done during a student’s freshman year. Students can sometimes pick where they want to volunteer or they get placed into volunteer groups where they spend an entire day doing volunteer work. Schulze, who completed his CEL requirement his freshman year, was assigned to volunteer at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen with ten other freshmen students. In this interview, he discloses the responsibilities he had during his time there, and talks about a memorable encounter he had with a man he met while volunteering at TASK. This requirement that TCNJ has is very important for every student to experience. As volunteers, we are doing good for others and helping out in the community.


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