Shaheed Morris

Shaheed Morris 

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By: Alexandria Perreault


Shaheed Morris joined the WDVM team in October 2016. He also was an intern for The Salt Lake Tribune. He has previously published for The Trentonian, The Brookings Register and He is a native of Trenton and received his degree in journalism from South Dakota State University. Morris was also selected for The New York Times Student Journalism Institute. He was raised by his Grandmother and was the first member of his family to graduate from college.”My mother used drugs and alcohol heavily during her pregnancy. As a result, I couldn’t move my neck for months. My grandmother, who doesn’t drive, used public transportation and took me to therapy every day for nearly a year,”. Morris has two brothers who both have had trouble with the law, one was even shot while breaking and entering in Trenton. This helped to shape him into a better man. He is involved with a non profit organization, Generations United. The organization is for children who were raised by their grandparents. “The purpose of telling my full story uncensored is to inspire others,” Morris said.” There are millions of people who are like me and have to fight their way through layers of oppression – a poor family, a high-crime environment.”He is a memeber of the PABJ(Philidelphia Association of Black Journalists) and NABJ(National Association of Black Journalists).  Morris helps his community as well as spreading his love of writing and making sure his word got out of there for the community of Trenton.

News and Feature Ideas

  • Morris uses his spare time to work with children
  • First generation College Student
  • A Trenton Native journalist


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