Video Story for JPW

For my video story, I interviewed Meghan Coello and Carlo Coello as they dined at Park Nine Diner. This diner is a staple around the community, and is notorious for donating to food pantries throughout Mercer and Monmouth County.


Hi, I’m Meghan Coello and I’m sixteen years old and I am at the Park Nine Diner.

Hi I’m Carlo Coello and I am at the Park Nine Diner.

So what’s your first impression of this place?

Um I think it’s like really cozy and the music’s really low but the decorations are nice, seems like a really lively place.


Very clean, uh I think there’s you know, a nice environment and the food is great.

Meghan, you got a hot chocolate?


And how would you say that is?

It’s pretty good, it’s not my favorite because I know they made it with water.



So what did you order today, Meghan?

I got the omelette with bacon, ham, and onions.

Today I will have scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage, and whole wheat toast.

Coffee’s pretty strong, I like it.

Okay Meghan, what do you think?

Presentation-wise I think they served it really nicely but for the taste test…the home fries are really good.


I’m gonna say a 9.

And dad let’s see what you got.

I got my home fries, my scrambled eggs and I’m very happy because after I ordered, in five minutes, my breakfast arrived. So, amazing service.

Is it good?


And if you were a college student, would you say this is a good local hang out?

Yeah! I mean its pretty affordable and the food is good.

You want me to give you advice? Come Monday to Friday.

The Park 9 Diner donates to many food pantries all over Mercer and Monmouth County! Visit the diner today!

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