How school lunch programs fare during Covid-19

About our webinar

Our webinar will be focused on school lunch programs. Most public school students have been recipients of school lunches, but what about the cafeteria workers? We don’t hear much about them. As a novice journalist, this is something you may find yourself having to cover.  Attending this webinar, you’ll gain knowledge on how to cover it or how to cover it better, to correct any misconceptions from the spread of misinformation around the issue. You’ll hear from a TCNJ professor who works in the public health realm, a journalist who writes about cafeteria workers and food justice issues and a representative from FRAC (Food Research & Action Center).

Learn more about what cafeteria workers are going through during Covid-19.  Children are an important part of the school lunch program, but cafeteria workers must not be overlooked, as they often have been. We cannot ignore issues in our nearby communities, so in response reporters must learn what exactly they should be covering in the newsroom in regards to school lunch programs. Here we will debunk any previous misconceptions that might have spread about this particular topic.

To learn more about our webinar (and to view it), you can click here

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