The Piano Man


I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with a volunteer on the Trenton Museum Society Board of Trustees, Carol Hill, about the Garden State Watercolor Society’s 49th Annual Juried Exhibition. This years exhibition is being held at Trenton City Museum in Cadwalader Park, juried by hyperrealist artist James Toogood.

Before talking to Hill, I had the chance to walk around the gallery and take in each of the 70 pieces that were selected this year. I couldn’t help but notice the gentle piano music playing behind me, something that I’ve never experienced before in an art gallery.

I turned around to see a man sitting behind a glossy black piano, catty-cornered in front of windows looking out at the sunset. He smiled down at his hands while he played.

I later learned from Hill that this man was George Sinkler, a volunteer pianist at the Trenton City Museum.

“He comes in every Sunday, just about,” said Hill

Hill then shared the heartwarming story of when she once came into the museum to find and older couple dancing to Sinkler’s music.

“I walked in and there was nobody else here except this older couple. And they were dancing- very quietly, just dancing.”

According to Sinkler’s online biography, he’s been performing full time for 35 years as a vocalist and pianist.

His music set a beautiful soundtrack my conversation with Hill, which you can listen to via the link below.


Listen to the interview with Carol Hill about George The Piano Man:

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