The Shy Bloggers website was made for college students that didn’t fit into their campuses socially. If you have social anxiety, you’re an introvert, you’re socially awkward, or you don’t feel socially accepted at your college/ university, this is the online place for you.

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There have been so many posts on social media, college messaging apps, and online forums where college students have talked about feeling lonely and not connected to the other students. Sometimes it’s harder for others to feel like they fit in because of underlying struggles or past issues. It’s important for every college student to feel like they are accepted and have at least one person there for them as they go through this period of time. That’s the main reason why The Shy Bloggers website was formed so that someone can have that someone to relate to and finally feel comfortable with.

There have also been studies done on this matter about college students dealing with social anxiety and how that warrants them away from doing activities or certain events on campus. It’s easy for a lot of people that don’t struggle socially to simply say, “join a club” or “try more.” It’s not always that easy for someone to break out of their shell and feel comfortable and confident enough to “try more.” Sometimes we need those that understand what we’re going through and understand that it’s not always easy for us to strike up a conversation or raise our hand in class to answer a discussion question.

The other main reason for the creation of The Shy Bloggers website is to give all those college students struggling socially a place to freely express themselves and how they feel. This is an open environment where you don’t have to feel judged or bad about yourself. There will be others that feel the same and find comfort in knowing that someone else on this website understands them. You wouldn’t always equate college students with social struggles because college is such a huge place where we meet people from all different cultures and backgrounds, but it happens. That’s why this website is for those that had this experience.

Mission Statement:

The Shy Bloggers will be a website for all college students that are dealing with social anxiety, who are introverts, who are socially awkward, and who don’t fit into the social campus they are a part of. The Shy Bloggers will do their absolute best to make this a free and comfortable environment for all those who wish to start and continue their journey here. The Shy Bloggers website will allow creative self expression and understanding and relatable content in all fields of blogging, vlogging, podcasts, and images. The Shy Bloggers website will also be an open space of fun. Thank you.

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